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Bats: called “flying rats” by some extermination professionals, bats have a long history of spreading disease and creeping people out. While bats are a vital part of the ecosystem, they have no place in your home, rental, or business.

If you have bats living in your home or attic, you need to think about what you’ll do to get rid of them. Here at Hansen’s Wildlife Removal, we specialize in offering comprehensive extermination services to control your wildlife situation and prevent further infestations. We’re your trusted local bat exterminator.

What you Need to Know About Bats

Bats are tiny and highly intelligent. While they may look cute and cuddly to some, bats are rampant carriers of disease. In fact, bats are the primary sources of several dangerous conditions, including the following:

  • Rabies. Rabies is the most common disease associated with bats. The virus is transmitted via bites and can bridge the gap from bats to humans.
  • Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a disease that attacks the lungs and is spread via bat dung.
  • Dangerous viruses. In some parts of the world, bats are also known for spreading diseases like Ebola and Nipah.

If you have bats in your home, we can help. Our team provides comprehensive bat extermination services as well as ongoing pest control tips and tricks. Ready to learn more? Contact us at 843-818-8672.


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