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Birds are beautiful, put problematic

Birds may be harmless critters…sure, but no doubt can they introduce health risks to your family and home. Seek bird control and removal service, where our professional and responsible approach has kept hundreds of customers safe.

Since birds seek sheltered areas to build their nests, this could include inside your attic or along your roof overhang. Instead of hoping the problem will resolve on its own, consider our bird control and removal company for expert assistance.

We’ll assess the infestation, utilize a safe eviction method and eradicate all points of entry so that the issue does not resurface. Count on us to help defend the spread of diseases and minimize property damage

Hansen’s is the leader and Bird Control and Removal

Constant chirping is one thing but understanding that your feathery friends carry salmonella and histoplasmosis makes a world of a difference to your bird infestation problem. We offer complete and safe bird control and removal services. With our help, you’ll appreciate the benefits:

  • Minimize health hazards such as meningitis and encephalitis that birds carry
  • Reduce the risks of structural damage from bird droppings
  • Carve down liability during working conditions due to bird feces
  • Avoid customer and guest dissatisfaction due to noisy birds

Hire Hansen’s Wildlife Removal to responsibly remove birds from your property in Charleston area, disinfect to eliminate any contamination, and administer a gentle deterrent to discourage the likelihood of infestation.  We protect South Carolina customers from the potential health risks in question and defend their homes and offices from damage.

Whether you run a business or a household, sheltering those you care about matters. Seek our bird control and removal services to gain peace of mind.


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