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Providing Permanent and Effective Exclusion Repair Services

Blocking Out Points of Reentry with our Trusted Exclusion Repair Service

Pest and wildlife exclusion is a necessary procedure in pest and wildlife management.

At Hansen’s Wildlife Removal, we run a pest and wildlife control and removal company that provides comprehensive services. We offer exclusion repair service to essentially deny pests and wildlife from reentry.

Our exclusion repair services are proven to protect and repair the structural damage of homes and commercial offices. If your building runs rife with cracks, gaping holes or fissures, then contact us for residential and commercial exclusion repair service.

What to Expect From Pest and Wildlife Exclusion Repair

Pests and animals can reenter buildings even through the tiniest crevices, which can potentially grow in size if left unattended. Our exclusion repair tactics are foolproof methods to minimize wildlife and pest access into homes and commercial buildings. Depending on your situation and building, we may conduct any of the following exclusion repair procedures:

  • Repair or replace damaged window and door screens
  • Replace missing or damaged weather stripping and door sweeps
  • Cover cracks and holes
  • Re-cover broken or open vents
  • Inspect and seal drain pipes
  • Move garbage cans and compost away from building, which can attract wildlife and pests

As a cost-effective method, exclusion repair involves fewer used chemicals, keeping people safe. The efficacy of our procedures has been proven repeatedly through customer satisfaction.

At Hansen’s Wildlife Removal, we offer exclusion repair for foundation vents, crawl space entryways and other parts of your building where pests or wildlife can reenter. Keep rodents, termites, opossums and snakes away from your South Carolina home.

Our Charleston exclusion repair specialists offer long-term effective solutions, demonstrated to keep multi-legged intruders from occasionally invading your space.

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