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Control and Removal

The thought of snakes existing around your home can be unsettling. If you have concerns about their lingering presence, then contact us for snake control and removal services.

We’ll run a comprehensive inspection of your yard, property, attic and crawlspace; comb these areas for their shed, feces and food sources; and employ effective snake control and removal solutions.

Our snake control and removal specialists are fully trained on the myriad of venomous and non-venomous snakes and the effective ways of removing them.

Signs That You Might Need Snake Control and Removal

In a panic, thinking you might have snakes nesting in your property? It’s not easy identifying these animals as many of them can blend in with the environment. Before contacting a snake control and removal specialist, look for some obvious signs that could indicate the presence of these legless reptiles.

  • Snake Skins
  • Slither Tracks
  • Distinct Odor
  • Snake Droppings

Snakes aren’t always confined to lower areas. You can also spot them in your trees, bushes, gutters and walls. Many times, these creatures are in fear of their own lives when they spot humans.

If you’re finding snakes throughout your property, avoid trying to handle the situation yourself. Instead, contact our snake control and removal company in Charleston.

At Hansen’s Wildlife Removal, we handle responsible snake removal service, render exclusion solutions to prevent reentry and provide long-term solutions to protect your South Carolina home.

Hire our trained wildlife expert to perform your snake control and removal service.

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