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Resolving Snake Problems With Proper Snake Control and Removal

The thought of snakes existing around your home can be unsettling. If you have concerns about their lingering presence, then contact us for snake control and removal services. We’ll run a comprehensive inspection of your yard, property, attic and crawlspace; comb these areas for their shed, feces and food sources; and employ effective snake control and removal solutions. Our snake control and removal specialists are fully trained on the myriad of venomous and non-venomous snakes and the effective ways of removing them.

Signs That You Might Need Snake Control and Removal

In a panic, thinking you might have snakes nesting in your property? It’s not easy identifying these animals as many of them can blend in with the environment. Before contacting a snake control and removal specialist, look for some obvious signs that could indicate the presence of these legless reptiles.

  • Snake Skins
  • Slither Tracks
  • Distinct Odor
  • Snake Droppings

Snakes aren’t always confined to lower areas. You can also spot them in your trees, bushes, gutters and walls. Many times, these creatures are in fear of their own lives when they spot humans. If you’re finding snakes throughout your property, avoid trying to handle the situation yourself. Instead, contact our snake control and removal company in Charleston. At Hansen’s Wildlife Removal, we handle responsible snake removal service, render exclusion solutions to prevent reentry and provide long-term solutions to protect your SC home. Hire our trained wildlife expert to perform your snake control and removal service.

100 percent the best in the business right here. Bats were starting to become a problem at my place and Darion solved it right away. I own a service company as well and have used his services multiple times and my clients say the same thing. Kind, thorough, professional and best of all they get results!!!! No need to look any further than Hansen’s wildlife removal. Darion has it figured out and gets it done. Thanks man for your hard work and it was a pleasure to do business with you and will continue to recommend you to all who need the services you provide..
Joseph Ward
Excellent job. Quick to schedule and by all appearances did a great job sealing our home from bats ( a real problem in this area). MUCH better than a previous firm that I had done the same job earlier. Highly recommend Hansen’s Wildlife Removal.
Patrick Sweeney
We had a fairly large bat colony that Darian and his crew removed quickly, and at a fair price. I have to say it was refreshing working with him after working with many other local businesses — he is punctual, professional and went above and beyond on our house by sealing parts of our roof he never quoted us for. That’s not always an easy mix to find in Charleston. I would highly recommend this company over larger franchised ones, which is where we started in our search/quote gathering process.
Eric Czech
I found a badly injured squirrel in my driveway and noticed a hawk circling directly above. I called Hansen’s and I am glad I did. I told them what was going on and texted them a picture of the squirrel. They were on a job on the other side of town at the time. They arrived within 20 minutes, captured him and took him right to the vet. Darion and Cody were awesome. They rushed here to help and expected nothing in return. Good guys. Highly recommended!
Mary Morris

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