Wildlife Cleanup Service

Ensuring Preventative Steps With Wildlife Clean Up Services

Decontaminating and Restoring Your Property

Wildlife Clean Up Services Shown to Disinfect and Protect

With the rodents and birds removed from your crawlspace, danger still lurks.

Animals typically leave behind droppings, staining your home and exposing your family or employees to diseases.

While raccoons are carriers of distemper, birds can leave the risk and spread of salmonella. Therefore, it’s vital for a pest management company to render a wildlife clean up service to eliminate traces of urine, feces and other bacteria.

Our biohazard cleanup specialist commits to fully disinfecting, sanitizing and restoring your property.

Importance of Wildlife Clean Up Services

Following a wildlife removal service, an additional step is required to secure your building, deeming it safe to live and work in. Hansen’s Wildlife Removal is a pest and wildlife management company that offers wildlife removal and wildlife clean up services. This is no step that we rush or take lightly for the following reasons:

  • Animals can leave skin, bodily secretions and hair behind, as well, which also carry diseases
  • Animal feces can destroy wood and drywall surfaces if not cleaned immediately
  • Animal odor lingers making living and working conditions unpleasant

We at Hansen’s Wildlife Removal have a trained and dedicated biohazard team, experienced in wildlife clean up. Our solutions comprise disinfecting, sanitizing and restoring properties throughout SC following a wildlife removal service.

Animal infestation can create a host of problems from property damage to the increase of health risks due to their presence.

Contact our Charleston wildlife clean up crew to begin decontaminating areas of your home or office affected by rodents, snakes, raccoons and other wildlife.

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