Wildlife Rescue Service

Committed to Caring for Injured and Orphaned Animals

Providing a Sanctuary for Animals Through Wildlife Rescue

Compassionate and Professional Wildlife Rescue Team Members

We are a non-profit wildlife rescue center, a sanctuary for injured animals and displaced exotic pets.

Our mission lies in protecting orphaned animals and providing them proper care and treatment. We have rescued countless wildlife creatures, providing them a healthy and safe environment to inhabit until they’re fit for their natural habitat.

If you’ve come across an injured animal, contact our wildlife rescue team first. We’ll guide you in determining the next steps to protect you and the injured animal.

Wildlife Rescue Experts

We aim to provide professional care to sick, injured and orphaned animals before returning them to their forever home. Our wildlife rescue sanctuary believes in ethical health practices.

We minimize human and animal interaction to protect animals and humans alike, work with professional veterinarians and stay educated on the variety of illnesses and species of animals. Our wildlife rescue conservation center promises to:

  • Run a professional wildlife rescue center
  • Keep all wildlife rescue team members trained
  • Work with trusted resources
  • Communicate with callers and provide expert guidance in the handling of animals
  • Continuously preserve natural wildlife

Hansen’s Wildlife Removal will ensure a safe capture and perform a comprehensive examination to diagnose and treat the animal. If any veterinary care is needed, we’ll employ a qualified vet, specialized in wildlife rescue in Charleston to ensure proper recovery time.

Our South Carolina wildlife rescue facility concentrates and embodies the practices of wildlife conservation, education and rehabilitation.

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