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Wildlife Removal Companies Near Me West Ashley South CarolinaDo you need Wildlife Removal Companies Near Me West Ashley South Carolina? Hansen’s Wildlife Removal provides reliable and safe wildlife control services for owners of residential and commercial properties in Charleston, South Carolina, and its surrounding areas. If you have a critter problem, we are the service you need. Not only do we care about you, but we also care about the critters that are driving you nuts. We want a good outcome for everyone, so we use humane methods to remove unwanted guests from your property.

We have the expertise to handle all types of wildlife, including but not limited to termites, fleas, lice, birds and bats, mice and rats, snakes, racoons and squirrels, possums, and more. No job is too big or too small. We are committed to providing excellent service and exceeding your expectations.

Hansen’s Wildlife Removal offers personalized solutions for Wildlife Removal Companies Near Me West Ashley South Carolina. Along with our tailored services, we can also perform the following: wildlife management tips and guidance, wildlife waste remediation, and attic clear-outs and restorations. You can trust that we will remove your unwanted guests from your property and transport and release them to a new home in the wild.

Once we remove wildlife from your property, an additional cleanup step is required. Our team is trained to remove biohazard waste left behind from droppings, urine, feces, and other bacteria. Our biohazard cleanup specialist will fully disinfect, sanitize, and restore your property. Protect the health of your family or staff with this important final step.

To protect your property from future invasions, we offer exclusion repair for foundation vents, crawl space entryways and other parts of your building where pests or wildlife can reenter. Our exclusion repair tactics are foolproof methods to minimize wildlife and pest access into homes and commercial buildings.

We Provide Wildlife Removal Companies Near Me West Ashley South Carolina

Wildlife Removal Companies Near Me West Ashley South CarolinaHansen’s is also a non-profit wildlife rescue center, a sanctuary for injured animals and displaced exotic pets. We provide care and rehabilitation to sick, injured, orphaned, and abandoned wildlife. We are committed to wildlife conservation, education, and rehabilitation.  We provide professional and expert services to all customers and the unwanted guests our customers want removed. Since the critters can’t speak, we rely on what our customers have to say about us.

“Darion was terrific!  Very calm and explained in detail what needed to be done to get rid of the bats.  Can’t say enough great things about this experience.  Will recommend to anyone who requires his services.”

“Would give more stars if possible. Incredible. We have had snakes showing up in our yard and driving my wife up the wall. He showed up and was very personable. Was a bit late but called me to let me know. Answered my questions and, when I expressed irrational concerns, he went the extra mile for me without batting an eye. I’ll be email blasting his contact info to my entire neighborhood.”

We provide peace of mind and are ready to serve you.

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